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Harry Potter 6 The Quest for the Lost Horcruxes

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Movie Description:

It is the 6th Harry Potter movie from GBT Productions and in Hogwarts, school goes on for Harry and his friends. Harry finds love, Ron and Hermione fight, and the threat of the war in the wizarding world has never been stronger. The D. A. is restarted to continue teaching students how to fight dark magic and Gryffindor quidditch is building a new team. Dumbledore's lessons about Voldemorts past continue and Harry learns a few things about Tom Riddle the he didn't want to know. But the threat of the dark lord is within Hogwarts itself. Harry Potter 2 is alive, and he wants revenge. The D. A. also discovers a secret that will lead to a battle like no other.

Oh, and Ron is still being... Ron.




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