GBT Harry Potter

Harry Potter 3 The Big Switcheroo

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This movie begins where the second movie left off. Ron is getting brain surgery when the whole library begins to shake.  When Ron is found lying in the midst of an explosion, a mispronounced spell causes Harry, Ron, and Hermione to change bodies. Now, Harry looks like Ron, Ron looks like Hermione, Hermione looks like Harry, and the rest of the people in the Hogwarts library look confused!

Meanwhile, Angelina Johnson tries to keep her quidditch team intact, Neville is as clumsy as ever, the Mad Librarian continues prowling the library, and the Hogwarts playground is revealed to be an interesting place for Hogwarts students to hang out. But will the Harry, Ron and Hermione be stuck in each others bodies forever? There just might be a way to escape...


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