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A new year at Hogwarts has begun, but new trouble arises in the form of Harry Potter 2; a second Harry Potter that arrives at Hogwarts to compete with the original. Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione's relationship continues to grow. Angelina Johnson continues to abuse her quidditch team. New characters arrive at Hogwarts such as Victor Krum and Luna Lovegood. Students have more fun at the Hogwarts playground. A new whomping willow is discovered and controlled. Professor Trelawney has crystal ball class in the library. The Yule Ball casts stress upon the students of Hogwarts causing much turmoil. (Especially between Ron and Hermione) And a rivalry unlike one the inhabitants of the Hogwarts library have ever seen before forms between Harry Potter 1 and Harry Potter 2. But what is the truth of the second Harry? Is he just here to fight over the ultimate role, or is it something else... something evil?


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